Basic Granola Recipe

I noticed the other day, that I’ve never shared the recipe for my basic homemade granola. Oh, I’ve shared my: Chocolate Granola Pumpkin Spice Granola Homemade Banana Granola and Matcha Quinoa Granola but never my basic granola recipe, until today. I first made this granola back in 2015 for a guest post on another site.…… Continue reading Basic Granola Recipe

Kids are Picky Eaters – Please them with these meals

Having to make two dinners – one for you and one for your toddler – is the worst! Let’s stop that bad habit now and find some healthy vegetarian meals for kids (and other food ideas) you will both enjoy!   Grilled Cheese Martha Stewart shared a recipe for tried-and-true grilled cheese sandwiches. Made simply…… Continue reading Kids are Picky Eaters – Please them with these meals

Homemade Pop Tarts for Valentine’s Day

Even though Valentine’s Day was last month, you’ll still enjoy these Homemade Pop Tarts. I had no idea how easy it is to make pop tarts at home. All you need is pie crust, your favorite jam, a little time to put them together and bake, and wa-la, a delicious homemade sweet treat to start…… Continue reading Homemade Pop Tarts for Valentine’s Day

Pumpkin Sheet Pan Pancakes

One of my favorite breakfast foods to make on the weekend is pancakes and now its these Pumpkin Sheet Pan Pancakes. I love pancakes because they fill up your belly so you can go about your day without hunger pangs. And you can get creative with them too by adding fruit, chocolate chips, peanut butter…… Continue reading Pumpkin Sheet Pan Pancakes