Halloween Charcuterie Board – The Eyeball Platter

With Halloween just around the corner, I came up with this spooky idea for a Halloween charcuterie board, the Eyeball Platter.

What better way to tempt your guest with treats than from an Eyeball platter?

There’s Zombie eyes – boiled eggs with blue “veins”

Ghosts eyes – plain boiled eggs

Vampire bat eyes – pomegranate seeds

An assortment of Demon eyes – black olives, black grapes, blueberries, and cherry tomatoes

Ghoul eyes – green olives with pimentos.

Served up with bloodied Zombie brains, Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, orange slices, and crackers.

For the Zombie eyes, I boiled the eggs, set the eggs aside, dumped out that water, rinsed out the sauce pan and put in fresh water, boiled the water and once it hit boiling, turned off the heat.

At this time, I added a couple drops of blue food coloring gel to the water. I cracked my eggs by gently hitting them with a spoon, while keeping the shell intact, and placed the eggs into the colored water.

I let them sit for about two hours before I removed them from the water and took the shells off.

Giving you the blue veins running through the zombie eyes.

To get the bumpy appearance of brains, I used large curd cottage cheese to make the zombie brains.

For the blood, I added a couple drops of red food coloring to Ranch dressing and mixed together until I got the color I wanted. Then I took a fork and drizzled over the top of the cottage cheese and used a toothpick to give the red “veins” appearance throughout the brains.

A simple, healthy Halloween charcuterie board that all ages will love.

If you want to get even more creative, you can even add little graveyard tombstones or paper signs on a popsicle stick to describe which eyeballs are on the platter.

Maybe even toss in some spiders, a skull, or a skeleton hand for more creepy effects.

Because who doesn’t love eating eyeballs, especially on Halloween!

(Insert sinister laugh track here)

As always, if you do make The Eyeball Platter for your Halloween party,  please leave a comment below, or share it with me by tagging your Instagram with #sweetandspicymonkey, so I can see all the goodness you create in your kitchen. Happy Eating!

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