Halloween Charcuterie Board – The Eyeball Platter

With Halloween just around the corner, I came up with this spooky idea for a Halloween charcuterie board, the Eyeball Platter. What better way to tempt your guest with treats than from an Eyeball platter? There’s Zombie eyes – boiled eggs with blue “veins” Ghosts eyes – plain boiled eggs Vampire bat eyes – pomegranate…… Continue reading Halloween Charcuterie Board – The Eyeball Platter

Frog Cookies

Just this week, I finally washed and packed up my fall and winter gear – scarves, beanies, heavy jackets – until we need it again. I always wait until summer is full blown because it seems like just a few weeks ago, they were calling for a hard freeze in the morning! Seems it always…… Continue reading Frog Cookies

Basic Granola Recipe

I noticed the other day, that I’ve never shared the recipe for my basic homemade granola. Oh, I’ve shared my: Chocolate Granola Pumpkin Spice Granola Homemade Banana Granola and Matcha Quinoa Granola but never my basic granola recipe, until today. I first made this granola back in 2015 for a guest post on another site.…… Continue reading Basic Granola Recipe

10 Easy School Lunches Your Kids Will Love During Lockdown

The coronavirus shutdown hasn’t been easy for anyone, including parents with school-aged kids. Not only has it been a time of juggling work from home, it’s also been a double whammy of watching the kids and homeschooling them as well. On top of all that, kids are constantly hungry! They want something delicious for lunch…… Continue reading 10 Easy School Lunches Your Kids Will Love During Lockdown