Frog Cookies

Just this week, I finally washed and packed up my fall and winter gear – scarves, beanies, heavy jackets – until we need it again. I always wait until summer is full blown because it seems like just a few weeks ago, they were calling for a hard freeze in the morning! Seems it always…… Continue reading Frog Cookies

4th of July Dessert Roundup – Part 1

4th of July to me is about celebrating our freedom with family and close friends, eating good food, and making new memories.  Growing up, we always spent 4th of July with our cousins.  Swimming all day, eating watermelon, strawberries, and homemade ice cream, and come nightfall, we would watch our dads set off fireworks in…… Continue reading 4th of July Dessert Roundup – Part 1

Pineapple Cinnamon Rolls

As you can see, my pineapple obsession is still going strong with yet another Pineapple Cinnamon Roll recipe. Consider this recipe the second book of my Fifty Shades of Pineapple. I know, I just made some last week, but these cinnamon rolls are different. I  added crushed pineapple to the dough and pineapple juice in the…… Continue reading Pineapple Cinnamon Rolls

Pineapple Rum Cinnamon Rolls

Pineapple seems to be the fruit of the month for me. Or maybe fruit of the summer. I guess only time will tell if I tire of it and move on to the next, or if it will be a keeper for the summer. I guess you can say pineapple is my summer (fruit) affair.…… Continue reading Pineapple Rum Cinnamon Rolls