Guinness Chocolate Chip Cookies

What’s better than chocolate chip cookies? Guinness beer in your chocolate chip cookie! Guinness beer and chocolate come together with semi-sweet, dark, and white chocolate chips in these delicious Guinness Chocolate Chip Cookies. You may be wondering where I’ve been all week. Well, I am now the new mom of twins! A boy and a girl…… Continue reading Guinness Chocolate Chip Cookies

Copycat Chik-fil-A Chocolate Chip Cookies

Have you ever tried a Chik-fil-A chocolate chunk cookie? It is one of the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had! This new infatuation sent me on a mission of baking a copycat Chik-fil-A cookie myself, so I can have it whenever my little heart desires (which if you’ve ever had one, will be often!).…… Continue reading Copycat Chik-fil-A Chocolate Chip Cookies