Seven Jewel Breakfast Cookies …Re-visited

I’ve partnered with Paradise Fruit Company, using their candied Tutti Fruiti Mix to create this recipe for these delicious Seven Jewel Breakfast Cookies. Be sure to stop by their website to see what other types of yummy candied fruits they offer.  These cookies are a re-do of the Seven Jewel Breakfast Cookies I made last…… Continue reading Seven Jewel Breakfast Cookies …Re-visited

Guinness Wheat Bread

This delicious Guinness Wheat Bread is made with Guinness Draught beer. The perfect side for your St. Patrick’s Day meal or anytime of the year. As promised and since it is St. Patrick’s Day, I’m sharing my Guinness Wheat Bread today. An easy, whole wheat bread made using Guinness Draught beer, with a mixture of whole…… Continue reading Guinness Wheat Bread

Breakfast Cookies

Over the years, I have always wanted to make these Breakfast Cookies again. I recently stumbled across the recipe so I can finally share my version of these delicious cookies with you. This recipe for Breakfast Cookies was one I used to make when I was still living at home. My mom introduced me to…… Continue reading Breakfast Cookies

Pistachio Cranberry Donuts

While everyone else is baking up Holiday cookies, I’m over here baking up Holiday donuts, these Pistachio Cranberry Donuts. I call them Holiday donuts because pistachios are green and the cranberries bring the red for that festive look. I love making donuts! Mainly because they’re easy and quick to make, you can have a batch…… Continue reading Pistachio Cranberry Donuts