Chai Tea Eggs

I recently discovered Tea Eggs around Easter when I was trying to find natural alternatives to dying eggs. I immediately fell in love with them! Tea eggs are a traditional snack in China. You might also hear them referred to as Marbled Tea Eggs, Chinese Tea Eggs, or Tea Leaf Eggs. Hard-boiled eggs steeped in black…… Continue reading Chai Tea Eggs

Peach & Melon Boba Teas

Two different flavors of Boba tea, Peach & Melon Boba Teas, to help you keep cool & refreshed. Both Boba teas have a rainbow surprise in each sip! You might say the recipes for Peach & Melon Boba teas were inspired after discovering Boba tea earlier this week. Or it might be the 90 degree…… Continue reading Peach & Melon Boba Teas

Sweet Spicy Monkey Boba Tea

You’re going to love this Sweet Spicy Monkey Boba Tea! It’s a fun & refreshing ice tea drink made with Adagio Tea’s signature blend, Sweet Spicy Monkey, freshly squeezed orange juice, tapioca pearls, honey, and vanilla. I’m so happy to be sharing this Sweet Spicy Monkey Boba Tea recipe with y’all. For starters, the tea is…… Continue reading Sweet Spicy Monkey Boba Tea

Hibiscus Lemon Tea

This has got to be the best drink recipe I’ve shared! I came about this recipe when I was attempting to make hibiscus lemonade. In case you don’t know, hibiscus is tart, not sweet and not sour, just tart. Add lemon and hibiscus together and we’re talking major sour face. I couldn’t find a sweet…… Continue reading Hibiscus Lemon Tea