Drunken Cherry Cranberry Sauce

You’re going to love the flavor red wine brings to this Drunken Cherry Cranberry Sauce.  I love cooking and baking with alcohol during the holidays. And no, it’s not because I drink, but because it adds a richer flavor to whatever you add it to. For example, my most recent Pumpkin Pie, where I add…… Continue reading Drunken Cherry Cranberry Sauce

Baked Buffalo Chicken Sweet Potato Fries

Classic Buffalo chicken flavor in a healthier dish, this Baked Buffalo Chicken Sweet Potato Fries won’t be letting you down this football season, unlike your favorite team.   I have been craving Buffalo Chicken for quite some time now. Maybe it’s because of football season. Football season is not only about your favorite teams playing…… Continue reading Baked Buffalo Chicken Sweet Potato Fries

Mexican Street Corn

Have you tried this Mexican Street Corn yet? It seems to be the latest craze in Mexican food. After making it the other day, I know why people are literally flipping out over this corn! Now usually I don’t eat corn straight off the cob. Yes, I’m the one who sits there and cuts the…… Continue reading Mexican Street Corn

Acorn Squash Risotto

Remember when I shared my Butternut Squash Risotto with you last month? I thought that was the best stuff ever since sliced bread! I mean, whoever thought of sliced bread was a genius! Who thinks of this stuff? Sorry to say, I was wrong about my Butternut Squash Risotto. Well, not entirely wrong, because it…… Continue reading Acorn Squash Risotto