Water Challenge

  This week I’m promoting a Water Challenge on all my social media sites. Even though I try to drink water throughout the day, I sometimes forget as my day goes along with life. It’s just one of those things where you get busy doing something and you don’t want to interrupt your pace, so…… Continue reading Water Challenge

Instant Pot Coconut Ghee

I admit, I’ve taken some time away from the kitchen as I build my fence around my property for the pups, but I must be the last person trying ghee. It’s almost half way through the 2018 and I have just tried coconut ghee for the very first time. And it was store bought. I…… Continue reading Instant Pot Coconut Ghee

How to Build a Healthy Acai Bowl

I’ve shared many Smoothie Bowls with you like my Kiwi Lime Smoothie Bowl, my Grapefruit Smoothie Bowl with Cranberry Nice Cream, and my  Blueberry Beet Smoothie Bowl, to name just a few. I think you get the hint that I love my smoothie bowls! Mainly because you can put anything in them and still enjoy them…… Continue reading How to Build a Healthy Acai Bowl

Probiotic Cranberry Dog Treats

Everything this week has been Irma, Irma, Irma. And she hasn’t even hit Florida yet. Seriously, I’m over it! I’m feeling a little like Jan Brady right now. Aside from that, my heart and prayers go out to all the people who live in Florida. I hope y’all have evacuated by now. Also sending prayers to…… Continue reading Probiotic Cranberry Dog Treats