Cherry Pie

Wow! I can’t believe summer is coming to an end and Fall is just around the corner! Good-bye to those long summer days spent with my puppies outdoors. Along with a few of things I don’t like about summer – all those pesky insects (mosquitos, yellow jackets, and flies to name a few) people’s short,…… Continue reading Cherry Pie

Sweet Cherry Biscuits

In the morning, think of these Sweet Cherry Biscuits instead of doughnuts or as princess cakes for your little girl.  The calendar might say it’s February and the middle of winter, but I think Mother Nature wants to come out and play now. Seriously, it’s going to reach the high 70’s today here in Georgia!…… Continue reading Sweet Cherry Biscuits

Cherry Camouflage Donuts

You might be wondering to yourself, “what is a Cherry Camouflage Donut?” Well, to clear up any confusion, a Cherry Camouflage Donut is a cherry donut that is in disguise. It’s in disguise because it has a camouflage green cake that doesn’t look anything like a cherry donut, which is usually pink or red. Yet…… Continue reading Cherry Camouflage Donuts

Sweet Dark Cherry Jam

 They say, “Life is like a bowl of cherries”, but in my kitchen this week, “Life is like a jar of cherry jam”. Don’t be acting surprised, I told warned y’all that I had been craving cherries and I’m just getting warmed up over here. This cherry jam is everything you expect it to be,…… Continue reading Sweet Dark Cherry Jam