Why I did a Detox Flush

Why I did a Detox Flush
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The reason why I did a detox flush this summer was to help me break through the weight palteau that I’ve been standing at for a very long time.

Many things led up to this time in my life.

I recently left my career back in June, where I worked as a firefighter/paramedic over the last 13 years.

After resigning, I was happy because I had finally made the change to leave, but this left me at home and gave me more than enough time to eat.

Needless to say, I gained 5 pounds!

Although my eating habits didn’t stray much (I still tried to eat healthy), I was around food all day long and I wasn’t working out at the time.

I knew something else in my life had to change, so I signed up with a group of women for a week-long virtual fitness session.

After that first week, I felt so much better, I even lost a pound!

Needless to say, I wanted more! So I signed up for an 8-week fitness challenge.

On July 30th, I started my fitness journey.

At Week 7 of my fitness challenge, I lost six pounds and 6 inches!

Not only do I look and feel better, but my clothes fit better, my energy level is higher than before, and I sleep all night long.

So when the opportunity to do a 3 day detox flush came up, I jumped aboard.

Why I did a Detox Flush

After all, I used to fast before it became trendy when I was a teenager. This with no food and only drinking water.

What’s three days, right?

Why I did a Detox Flush
The meals I ate during my Detox Flush

Plus on this cleanse, you’re allowed to eat fruit, veggies, and a healthy fat, along with protein shakes and a fiber drink.

Why I did a Detox Flush


I was also allowed to drink black coffee.


This made a huge difference since I’m a morning coffee person.

I felt good the entire time I did my three day cleanse.

My energy level remained high, I wasn’t sleepy, and the dreaded mid-afternoon slump never hit me.

I got light-headed after being outside, but the weather when I did my 3 day cleanse here in Georgia was in the high 90’s and flipping miserable. Once inside with cooler air, I immediately felt better.

I had four meals with fresh fruit and veggies, along with non-caffeinated herbal tea, a fiber drink, and plenty of water ( think Water Challenge goal).

No dairy, no meat, no eggs, no carbs (as in breads or grains), no alcohol, no store bought juice or flavored water.

My tummy was full all day and I never felt hungry or starved, wanting more.

I didn’t have any cravings.

Not even sweets! As a matter of fact, I think it broke my intense sweet cravings!

Ok, maybe the one time when the Sonic commercial came on with the Oreo ice cream in a chocolate cone.

Yes! Have you seen it?

I mean, what chocolate lover could resist that??!!

I never had one, but boy, did I love those commercials! I might have even drooled a little bit!

After the first day, I lost one pound.

Following the second day, I had lost another two pounds.

Upon completion of my 3-Day Detox, I lost a total of 3 pounds and 2 inches.

Why I did a Detox Flush


I know what you’re thinking, this wasn’t “just water weight” because I drank about 1 gallon of water a day, if not more.

The optimum daily water amount to consume is no longer 8 ounces a day per person. Now they’re recommending to drink half your body weight of water, in ounces.




So for me during this cleanse, I weighed 143 pounds, I would need to drink 71.5 ounces of water for optimum hydration. I drink over that amount, roughly 128 ounces (1 gallon) which is 56.5 ounces more than I needed to per new guidelines.

Which goes to show you that it wasn’t water weight that I lost, it was actual body weight and I didn’t have to starve myself.

Would I do this detox again?


I think it was well worth the $70.

I was finally able to break that weight plateau that I’ve been standing at for so long now and detox my body in 3 days.

It also helped to have other women in my corner, who are trying to improve their health too.

Why I did a Detox Flush


If you’re interested in trying the 3-Day Refresh, please leave me a comment saying “I’m in.”

I would love to help you get your health, energy, and vitality back without denying or starving yourself.




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